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Chapter 7.  The "fresh start."  Individuals must qualify for relief under Chapter 7.  Individuals can obtain an order of discharge that prevents creditors from pursuing legal actions  to collect debts.  Under Colorado law, most people can keep the assets they own even when filing for bankruptcy.  Businesses can also petition for relief under Chapter 7.  The benefits for business are limited. 

Chapter 13.  Chapter 13 offers individuals the opportunity to save their homes from foreclosure.  Chapter 13 is also available for people who do not qualify for Chapter 7 or those whose cases may be complicated by divorce.

Chapter 11.  Chapter 11 allows a business to restructure debt while continuing to operate.  Chapter 11 is also available to individuals who may not qualify for relief under other chapters of the Bankruptcy Code. 

Bankruptcy Related Litigation.  Creditors have the right to challenge the bankruptcy process.  As a general rule, creditors must prove that a debtor has engaged  in wrongful conduct to except their claim from bankruptcy.  We will represent you if a challenge is made. 

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Nicholls & Associates, P.C., provides representation of creditors in bankruptcy cases.  We file claims on behalf of creditors, obtain relief from the bankruptcy court to allow creditors to pursue their remedies, and contest bankruptcies where appropriate.


We prepare wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives and other estate planning documents.


Our firm offers counsel to personal representatives in connection with the administration of probate estates.


We assist with social security disability claims and appeals.


Our firm  represents businesses and individuals in a variety of litigation cases including real estate disputes, mechanics' liens, contracts, and business disputes.


Nicholls & Associates, P.C.,  assists  in establishing businesses and offering legal advice to promote success.